Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I am back today....

Okay, so today was a slow day. Pretty much because the electricity went, so I was unable to write this morning. (Mom says when she wins the lotto we will put in the solar panels.) Well, I know I can write with pen and paper, but I like to write mainly with the laptop.

It's pitiful, but it makes me feel like one of those professional writers I sometimes see in movies. I feel edgy and cool. Though I am in reality awkward and goooooooooofy.

I worked hard not worrying about stuff I could not control. I admit it was not that difficult. I've been feeling like I am floating all day. I guess that's the work of God or maybe the work of my allergy pills. Whichever one of them is doing this...thank you. I needed that. The less I can focus. The more I won't bang my head i a state of batshit craziness.

Though I admit. Yesterday I was on the verge of jumping out of my head. If I can actually do that. But, let's just leave that alone. Let's just focus on my not worrying.

As I surf the jcpenney website. I know people say-: that's the place even great grandma's are embarrassed to shop. I don't care. I love dressing like a grandma. Make me look like a flapper from the twenties please.

In all seriousness, jcpenney has some nice clothes. I love their sundresses for work. I buy them for my non-existent job. YEAY!  I think, "OOOH, i should buy this dress. I can wear it to work."

Hahhha, it's enough to send me mad. No wonder sometimes  i even consider putting myself in a straight jacket. GET ME BEFORE I BREAK OUT!

Anyway, I am patroling jcpenney right now. My mouth is watering. They had some nice jeggings the last time I was on. Maybe I will see them again.

(As for my lotto dreams. If i win I am finding myself to the nearest beautiful beach-no place near here- laying out on the sand. Decked out of course in every piece of clothing i like from jcpenney. That's unless I win publishers clearing house. Side note-: I plan to do the same freaking thing! I need a permanent vacation God.)

Monday, July 1, 2013

I Started a New Book

Yesterday, after posting my last blog.I deleted my posts. I needed to let go of my past. I needed to delete those posts. Don't know why, but I JUST COULD NOT GO BACK TO THAT PLACE.

Well, I started a new book. It is a novella. I am trying to write something from my heart. Something that I and others can relate to. I am working on putting a lot of myself into my novel.

For example, the first character. The main character's mother. I have put a lot of traits that I have within her. The novella is not a science fiction novel, but it does contain spirituality.

I am not sure when this novel will finish, but i am excited. Every time I open the file, I feel as though this is a new beginning.

Well, I am going back to write more. Maybe this novel is practice for me to eventually write something really good. A novel that an agent will actually represent. A novel that a publisher will publish. A NOVEL THAT WILL BE A BEST SELLER.

Still working on not blaming God for my problems. It is difficult not to be thankful for what i have, because I am busy focusing on what i don't. I am trying. I really am. I would like to get to heaven someday. If everything else fails. My writing career, my life, at least I can look forward to heaven.

I am not getting married for certain. So, let's hope my writing career works out. I need money to support myself and this world is not free. And no, I am not being selfish God. I just want enough money to retire on. (If my writing career works out I will have enough money to get my hair down every month. And, i would not have to walk around looking like Medusa's twin sister.)

Alright, I am not going to bore anyone with my words.

Soon, I will post clips of my novella. When I get the rights most likely. Though, I doubt my work is such quality that anyone would want to steal. I am after all a complete work in progress. Down to my sowing.

Yea, I started sowing. It's bad. So bad, what I sow looks good. No. Its looks like chicken scratch. If something can look like chicken scratch. At least it's not ratchety (don't think that's a word). So, I am guessing that's a start.

Though there are times I enjoy....look I am babbling on. 'Cept I can, cause no one's listening.