Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Got An "A" in science

In the fall of 2014 I took my first science class. Never paid attention to science before.
(I hated the subject just like I hate math. So I did not pay attention). Anyway, since I am paying gut of pocket for school now I decided to focus. Plus I am just tired of being a dumbass. After I signed up for my first science class. Someone told me it would be really difficult. I already came down this path of it's too difficult. You can't do it. Except this time the person was an outside voice. Not my internal self (that's the best I can explain that, lol).

I rebuked what they said. I chose to take my science class and got my first  "A" in a class I would consider difficult. That's when I realized my problem all along was not that I was not getting the class. It was my own self doubt coupled in with some laziness.

Yeay to the world of lazy. I would spend hours watching television instead of applying myself in school. Now I am stuck in a job. If I had focused maybe I would have had the career of my dreams. Then again God works in strange ways. I can only think I am where I need to be. Though one day I want my dreams to come through.